Nardini Backpedals on $153 Million Referendum Before Election

A 2015 administrative review of the district’s 23 buildings said that more than $153 million in repairs and improvements may be needed. A bond referendum that was expected to top $100 Million dollars was supposed to go before voters on January 22nd of 2019.

School Board Member Joe Nardini, the Chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee has been the lead advocate for both the Referendum and construction projects. He promoted the $153 Million dollar spending package at 19 public meetings held across the district for residents and parents.

Preparations for the referendum were still underway at the August 15th meeting of the committee, long after the state announced cutting 2 million in aid for next year. Then in a sudden about face, the referendum was put on hold at the September 12th meeting by none other than Chairman Joe Nardini.

It should be noted that Mr. Nardini is up for reelection this year and he will not be on the ballot with his former running-mate Chris Raimann. Raimann a popular school board member among parents, has been critical of Joe Nardini’s record on taxes and his massive spending proposal.

This year, Mr. Raimann is running with Jennifer Howe, a parent that is also critical of administration and regularly attends school board meetings.

Was Joe Nardini’s sudden change in heart motivated by politics and his bid for reelection?  You decide.

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