Superintendent Gets $10,000 Bonus Despite Looming Layoffs and Cuts in Sports

Toms River – Two board members voted against giving the Superintendent a $10,000 dollar bonus at the last school board meeting. Voting no, Chris Raimann and Ginny Rhine, highlighted the devastating cuts in state aid imposed by Trenton this year, and the impact its going to have on Toms River Schools.

School board member Chris Raimann also criticized the superintendent and his fellow board members.  “Given that we’re loosing over $2 Million dollars in state aid this year, it’s both fiscally irresponsible and morally bankrupt for the Superintendent to take a bonus.” He continued, “And I’m disappointed in my colleagues for voting to approve it!”

Back in July of this year, Superintendent Dave Healy said that the cuts in state aid imposed by the democratic legislature could result in over 100 layoffs and the elimination of most sports in the 2019 School Year. Now just two months later Mr. Healy is taking a $10,000 bonus.

It should be noted that merit pay opportunities are written into Mr. Healy’s contract, which was extended two years prior to expiring. The board gave the superintendent a raise and added an additional 5 years to his contract, keeping him on for a total of 7 years.

The contract extension drew harsh criticism from residents, because it happened while Superintendent Dave Healy was under investigation for sexual harassment of a subordinate. Chris Raimann voted no on the contract extension and was the only School board member that opposed it.

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