Liberal Activist Running For Mayor With Help from Lakewood Operative

Jackson – Tracie Yostpille a liberal activist and union organizer will be running against incumbent Republican Mayor Michael Reina this November. Jackson is a non-partisan town, but Ms. Yostpille is a registered Democrat, and so are her runningmates.

Ms. Yostpille’s campaign is being run by Mitch Seim, a former Lakewood Democratic Committeeman. Sources say that Mitch Seim typically works on races with former Lakewood Mayor Marta Harrison. His involvement in the race was reported in both Shore News Network and

Tracie Yostpille is also a long-time leader at the New Jersey Education Association.  She currently serves as the Union President in Freehold and she’s the Vice President for the entire county of Monmouth, which represents nearly 15,000 teachers.




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