Lakewood Democrats Backing Yostpille; Says Top Democrat

OCEAN COUNTY – Teddy Price, a Democrat running for Ocean County Freeholder garnered state wide attention when he crossed party lines to endorse Republican Bob Hugin back in September. “Menendez is an embarrassment to the working men and women of New Jersey” price contended. “How can good democrats support someone that was charged with 18 counts of corruption and bribery?

Now Mr. Price is making waves again, crossing party lines to endorse Jackson Mayor Mike Reina, a Republican. According to Price, Yostpille’s campaign is being run by the Lakewood Democrats. Price told the press that, “former Lakewood Mayor Marta Harrison and former Lakewood County Committeeman Mitch Seim are running Tracie Yostpille Campaign for Mayor.” He continued, “Jackson residents need to ask themselves, ” why are the Lakewood Democrats so interested in Jackson politics?”

The lead photo in this article was featured as part of a mailer that went out from the Reina Campaign.  It features Tracie Yostpille’s campaign manager Mitch Seim with three Lakewood Mayors, Marta Harrison, Meir Lichtenstein and Ray Coles.  Also featured in the photo are PG Waxman, the realtor that Asbury Park Press called the most powerful man in Lakewood, and Lakewood Township Attorney, Steven Secare.  That mailer was the subject of a controversy in both the Asbury Park Press and the Lakewood Scoop.

After endorsing Hugin, the Ocean County Democrats subsequently smeared Mr. Price by releasing a a 35 year old local news article that alleged Price was arrested for getting into a bar fight in the early 1980’s. Then they took to Facebook and falsely accused Mr. Price of stealing money from his local democratic club. That post was subsequently changed by the Ocean County Democrats. Karen Wall, a reporter at the Patch took screenshots of both posts and exposed the Ocean County Democrats for lying about price in a news story featured on their website. When asked about how he was treated by his fellow Democrats, Price said, “The Lakewood Democrats want to shut me up!” He continue, “But I’m going to make sure Jackson residents know who’s behind the Yostpille campaign.”

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