Brick School Board Race Heats Up Amid Democrat Corruption Scandal

Brick – Although school board races are supposed to be non-partisan, it’s common knowledge among political insiders that the local Democrats have total control of the Board of Education in Brick.  

Republican School Board Candidates Rob Canfield and Edward Young are hoping to change that this year. Running on a fiscally conservative platform, Canfield and Young have lashed out against higher taxes and what they call, “irresponsible spending.”

Up until a few short months ago, it didn’t appear that things could change at the Brick School Board. But, a recent corruption scandal exposed by Dan Nee at the Shorbeat, has drawn the attention of the Local Brick Republican Club.

The new President of the Brick Republican Party, John Catalano says he’s, “disgusted with pay-to-play scandals and rising taxes at the School Board.”  He continued, “School Board President Stephanie Wohlrab has disgraced her office and her fellow democratic running mates and they all need to be removed from office.” Democrats Stephanie Wohlrab, Victoria Pakala, and Nicole Siebert are running together in ballot positions 1, 2 and 3.  

New Republican President John Catalano

According to a cache of documents released by investigative reporter Dan Nee at the Shorebeat, School Board President Stephanie Wohlrab runs her own Democratic Super Pac Fund. Apparently Ms. Wohlrab took donations from Fairview Insurance and then awarded a lucrative contract to Fairview.  But what makes matters even worse is that Ms. Wohlrab was also paying herself consulting fees with the money she took in donations.

Republican Rob Canfield called for Ms. Wohlrab’s resignation and slammed her record on taxes and spending. “The School Board in Brick is a mess.  Taxes are up over $16 Million in the last ten years and the new Superintendent is costing taxpayers over $255,000 a year.”  Canfield continued, “We need new leadership at the school board and I’m hoping residents will support me and my running mate Edward Young.  They can find us in ballot positions 4 and 5.”

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