Should Ducey Be Campaigning For Menendez?

In 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton only garnered 31% of the vote in Brick.  Then the following year Phil Murphy was only able to convince 38% of residents that he was fit to be governor.  Yet Democrat John Ducey has enjoyed […]

Lakewood Democrats Backing Yostpille; Says Top Democrat

OCEAN COUNTY – Teddy Price, a Democrat running for Ocean County Freeholder garnered state wide attention when he crossed party lines to endorse Republican Bob Hugin back in September. “Menendez is an embarrassment to the working men and women of […]

Tracie Yostpille’s Biggest Donor is Giving $11.3 Million to Lakewood

LAKEWOOD-Vin Gopal, the Monmouth County Democrat Senator who is funding Tracie Yostpile’s Campaign for Jackson Mayor just sponsored a bill that seeks to give Lakewood’s private schools another $11.3 million for school security aid. This would be in addition to the $28 […]

Brick School Board Race Heats Up Amid Democrat Corruption Scandal

Brick – Although school board races are supposed to be non-partisan, it’s common knowledge among political insiders that the local Democrats have total control of the Board of Education in Brick.   Republican School Board Candidates Rob Canfield and Edward […]

Gopal Funneling Money to Yostpille’s Campaign

Shortly after Ocean County Democratic Freeholder Candidate Teddy Price broke party ranks and endorsed Republican Bob Hugin for Senate, an angry Senator Vin Gopal Penned a letter to Ocean County Democratic Chairman Wyatt Earp. The letter revealed that the senator […]

Will Orthodox Block Vote In Jackson?

Jackson – As the Orthodox Jewish population in Jackson grows, so too will their political influence. Tensions between the Orthodox Community in Jackson and the governing body have grown over the past few years. Actions taken by Mayor Reina’s administration […]

Nardini Backpedals on $153 Million Referendum Before Election

A 2015 administrative review of the district’s 23 buildings said that more than $153 million in repairs and improvements may be needed. A bond referendum that was expected to top $100 Million dollars was supposed to go before voters on […]

Brick Police Aid in MS-13 Member Deportation

BRICK – A Salvadorian man, living in Elizabeth, and wanted on a gang-related homicide in his native El Salvador has been deported, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Melvin Isaac Martinez-Guevara, 25, was pulled over by the police in […]